Protect Yourself from COVID-19
Information from the World Health Organization and UT Extension Family and Consumer Sciences with steps to help protect yourself from COVID-19 virus.  
Weather Stations
Researchers at UTIA are measuring weather data, and how rising temperatures impact farming and the number of insects.  
Spreading Biochar
A source of waste once destined for the landfill could soon enhance Tennessee farmland and row crops.  
Water Usage in Herbs
UTIA is working on several projects where we grow crops with the least amount of water possible, which has an environmental and economic impact.  
Sensor Drones
Many Tennessee farmers use drones to fly over and view crops. UTIA is now working on sensors attached to drones to provide valuable information.  
Crape Myrtle Bark Scale Video Series
Crapemyrtle Bark Scale
Southerners have come to rely on the Crapemyrtle as a dependable plant...  
Nozzle Selection
Nozzle selection has been simplified over the years, but different types of nozzles are needed for different situations.  
Bee Research
Researchers at the UT Institute of Agriculture are exploring reasons behind the decline of the honeybee population, including how agricutural pesticides might affect these beneficial insects.  
Bottle Art at UT Gardens Jackson
More than 6,000 bottles were used to create this stunning garden display!