Seeds of Success

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Top Plants for Tennessee (10, 12, 2 & 4) - They have offered guidance on plant selection for West Tennessee for years, but what plants do they prefer? With so many great plants, it's hard to pick favorites, but Jason Reeves and Carol Reese have narrowed down their top picks for specific sites, such as sun or shade or favorite plants for four seasons of interest. At 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Jason will cover his top trees and shrubs, while at noon and 4 p.m., Carol will reveal her favorite herbaceous plants.

Better Than Ever (11 & 3) - Developing and testing new plant genetics is the key to producing new selections with sought-after traits. Chris Selin from Bailey's nursery will give an overview of plant breeding trends in the nursery industry and provide a peek at what great plants are in the works for shoppers.

Lessons from the Road (11 & 1) - If your garden needs a little stimulation, consider a change of scenery. Savvy garden traveler Sue Hamilton, with the UT Gardens, Knoxville, will share what she's learned from her garden journeys and how you can bring the inspiration home with you.

Gardening Superstars (10 & 2) - When you combine an eye for art, a gift for making things grow, and a healthy dose of stamina, you get gardeners worth celebrating. In this talk, Carol Reese will acquaint you with the work of a few local gardening virtuosos, and we think you'll be truly star struck.

Get the Garden of Your Dreams (12 & 3) - Marty DeHart, landscaper, designer and Nashville Public Television host, will show you how the right plans and plants can take your yard from dull to dazzling. Marty's ideas and insights will help you make your dream garden a reality.

Shop Smarter (1 & 4) - Gardening takes time and money - and you don't want to waste either. Joellen Dimond with UT Extension will offer sage advice on the best ways to spend your gardening dollars and how to avoid the shopping pitfalls that will have you throwing good money after bad.

Chillin' in the Kitchen: Cool Recipes for Hot Summer Days! ***ADMISSION TICKET REQUIRED.  Cost: $5.  Tickets on sale beginning at 9 a.m. for 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and noon sessions. Tickets for 1, 2, and 3 p.m. sessions available at 12:15. All tickets can be purchased outside North entrance of main building. Limited to 40 attendees/hour.*** (10 - 3) - There's no need to make summer any hotter. Join the UT Kitchen Divas to sample treats that bring all the flavor without the temperature.


Selections for Success: Woody Plants (10, 1 & 4) - If you're looking for hardworking woody plants, Lucas Holman can help. On this walk-and-talk, he'll introduce you to high-achieving trees and shrubs that will provide year-round interest to your landscape.

Watering Do's and Don'ts (11 & 2) - Do you know when to water? Or when to stop? How long is too long? UT Extension Agent Lee Sammons will answer these questions as he shares proper garden watering tips. Your happy plants will thank you.

It's a BAD Time to be a Bug (12 & 3) - Tired of the same old fight with pests? Let Amy Dismukes, UT Extension, introduce you to integrated pest management. IPM strategies solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment, and can be used on all kinds of pests anywhere.

Right Plant, Right Place (10, 1 & 4) - Even the best plants will not thrive if poorly suited to a site. Celeste Scott, UT Extension, will walk you through the many site conditions to consider when selecting landscape plants, as well as teh importance of choosing plants that are adapted to your location.

Conquer Composting (11 & 2) - If composting seems too complicated, you need to stop by this talk, led by garden enthusiast Steven Pope. He'll explain the many benefits for soil and plant health while doling out helpful hacks for composting the right way.

The Secret's in the Soil (12 & 3) - Just because it's underground doesn't mean it should be undisclosed. Knowing the health of your soil is the first step to enhancing your garden. Melody Teague Rose will cover the basics of soil nutrition, preparation and testing.

Grow Your Own (10, 1 & 3) - Is anything tastier than a tomato from the garden? Or a dish seasoned with herbs grown in your kitchen? With planning, anyone can grow their own food ... even starting from seed. Natalie Bumgarner, Tennessee Master Gardener Coordinator, can help you sprout seeds of success.

Vegetable Gardening with The Family (11 & 2) - Join Chris Cooper, host of WKNO-TV's The Family Plot, along with regular guest Walter Battle, for this question and answer session on vegetable gardening. When not on TV, these UT Extension agents are helping local families with gardening concerns. They've seen and heard it all ... so don't be afraid to ask!

Selections for Success: Herbaceous Plants (12 & 4) - Join UT Gardens Curator Jason Reeves and Richard Gibson on this walk around the grounds as they show you blue-ribbon-worthy annuals and perennials, including our featured garden plant, basil! Whether you're looking for unique foliage, long-lasting flowers, or great flavor, these plants will add star power to your landscape.