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Discount Plant Sale

Thursday, June 2
4:30 - 6 p.m.

Plant Sale List


The UT Gardens Jackson will be hosting a special plant sale on Thursday, June 2. Come to the parking lot of the West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center beginning at 4:30 p.m. Due to excess inventory, many of these plants will be moved at deep discounts. The sale will feature many annuals, but some great trees, shrubs and perennials will be included, too.

Keep reading for descriptions of plant sale selections that UT Extension Horticulture Specialist Carol Reese especially loves.

"I grew up with American elms shading our two-story country home, and in my mind, there is no finer shade tree. This species of elm was nearly wiped out by disease a few decades ago. Now there are disease resistant cultivars available like 'Princeton'. It's fast growing, has a clean habit, and tolerates a wide range of soil. Sunny sites are best.

Another favorite native shade tree is blackgum, and no, it is not related to sweetgum and does not produce those "balls." Blackgum is known for brilliant red fall color. The cultivar 'Wildfire' even kicks in during spring, with red new growth! This adaptable tree is easily grown and tolerant of most sites. Sun to mostly sun.

King Tut Papyrus works in ordinary garden soil, but will grow especially lush where it gets plenty of water, and can even be used in the margins of water gardens. It looks like fabulous green fireworks, and is crazy good in big containers. It was one of the most asked about plants in the gardens last summer. Growing along with King Tut in the bottle garden last year was Pennisetum Graceful Grasses 'Sky Rocket' from Proven Winners. This fountain grass has thin variegated green and white blades and show-stopping seed heads, which made this indeed a "graceful grass." Plumes begin to appear in July making this annual fountain grass an ideal specimen plant in large containers or in mass plantings in the landscape. Vigorous but not too tall, topping out at 3-4', it will add an elegant touch to any sunny spot. Don't be turned off by it's small stature in the pot at the sale. It will jump once it finds a home in your garden.

If you're looking for a tall but narrow perennial, don't overlook 'Steeple Jackie' daylily. Jason searched for many years before finding a source for these lovely lilies. You may lift your eyebrow at my decision to highlight a daylily, but 'Steeple Jackie' is no ordinary one. Its stalks reach five feet tall and produce as many as 50 flowers per stalk in late summer when other daylilies are done. Its fragrance is another marvelous attribute.

Need a unique perennial for the shade? Consider hardy climbing fern. Yes, I said climbing! This fern can reach 3-5 feet in a shady spot when given something to climb. It dies to the ground in the fall and returns each spring. Our division came from the gardens of long-time Master Gardeners Kayo and Helen Mullins who have been successfully growing them in their garden for more than 10 years."

Shoppers are advised to bring cash or check. Proceeds from the sale benefit projects at the UT Gardens Jackson, including the upcoming Summer Celebration Lawn and Garden Show scheduled for Thursday, July 14.

The West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center is located at 605 Airways Boulevard, Jackson, Tennessee.