1:30 p.m.

Great Gardens of the World - Vincent Simeone has had the pleasure to travel to some of the most breathtaking gardens in the world. The countries visited include Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This lecture provides detailed information on a wide variety of unusual and exotic species of plants, picturesque views of natural and cultivated areas and helpful information on garden design and popular trends. Come along with Vinnie for a train ride through the Canadian Rockies, a hiking trip into the wild bush of New Zealand, a whale watching expedition to CapeTown and a visit to a 15th century abbey in jolly old England. Don't miss this unique and inspiring journey around the globe!


6:30 p.m.

Grow More with Less: Sustainable Garden Methods - With detailed, strategic timelines for both short-term and long-term gardening techniques, Grow More with Less lets you put your best foot forward in creating an efficient, sustainable home landscape. From composting and mulching to planting trees, Vincent Simeone will cover all the eco-friendly essentials in one straightforward lecture. Vinnie makes the what, how and why of sustainable gardening unmistakably clear: why we should plant for the long-term, how to make the best plant selections possible, how to make the most of your lawn (regardless of its size), or replacing your lawn with sensible alternatives, the importance of IPM (integrated pest management) in fighting insects and pests, how to conserve water with proper irrigation, installing rain barrels and cisterns, and more. Even when the solution is to do nothing--for instance, leaving some parts of a lawn un-mowed in order to save time and money while attracting local wildlife--this lecture will inspire you to think outside the box. With effective, time-proven recommendations, field-tested in a large botanical garden and adapted for home use by Vinnie, this lecture will provide a complete step-by-step personal roadmap for green gardening.



The Garden Lectures with Vincent Simeone are made possible by the Madison County Master Gardeners.